We offer complete post-warranty service and consultancy in the field of Aton diving lamps and other products offered by our company, which will be provided by our experienced service technicians.

Service receipt

You can order service here: or by phone at +420 776 605 191.

Include your telephone contact and description of the defect.

We accept goods for service only in a clean and complete condition including accessories (i.e. flashlight including charger, etc.).

After the receipt of the goods sent by you, you will be informed by e-mail or phone about the estimated cost of the repair. The repair will be made after the agreement of its price from both sides.

If you require a post-warranty repair, a statement from your side must be sent within two weeks of receipt of the estimated budget, whether you accept or reject the seller’s offer. If you do not comment within two weeks, we will provide an additional period of one week. After this period has elapsed without your statement, we will return the product at your expense.

Recommended shipping method to the supplier (Aton Ltd.)

Pack the product thoroughly to avoid damage during the transport. Ship the product complete, including any accessories that were included in the original package. Do not send cash on delivery – shipment will be rejected.

Send the product to our complaint department:

ATON s.r.o.
Sudice 60
675 73 Sudice
Czech Republic

The full price of the transport is paid by the customer.

Price list of service

The preliminary price and the date of repair will be identified by the receiving mechanic, depending on the difficulty of the individual service tasks.

The hourly rate is set at 400,- CZK (for foreign service 18,- EUR). To this will be added the price of spare parts + transportation costs and packing + VAT. The minimum price of any received post – warranty repair is 400,- CZK (for foreign service 18,- EUR) + transportation costs and packing + VAT.

For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact or call us at Contacts.

These Service terms and conditions of the company are effective from 1.11. 2019.