Warranty conditions

These Warranty Terms apply to goods, products and services purchased from Aton Ltd. (“Products”) purchased from the www.atonlight.com online store.

Duration of warranty

Beyond the statutory 24-month consumer warranty, we provide buyers with an extended warranty of 3 years on our products, except as described in the Complaints procedure rules, which are not covered by the warranty.

This extended warranty applies only to the first purchaser of our product if it is also a final consumer. The extended warranty does neither cover batteries, nor the cost of repairing or replacing them.

In the case of an extended warranty, our warranty service does not include any additional services (such as shipping costs), which are borne by the purchaser under our extended warranty.

In the case of goods being already used, maintained and / or refurbished according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the statutory warranty is 1 year if the buyer is a consumer.

The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the product and is extended by the period during which the product was under warranty repair.
In case of replacement of the product for a new one, any further complaints are based on the original proof of purchase, invoice.

Procedure for handling complaints

To settle your claim, please e-mail us at service@atonlight.com. You can also inform us in advance on the phone number +420 776 605 191.

In your e-mail, please provide your contact phone with the most appropriate description of the defect and attach a scanned copy of the invoice to the goods (this serves as a guarantee document).

Form can be found here.

Recommended shipping method to supplier (Aton Ltd.)

We accept goods for service only in a clean and complete condition, including accessories (e.g. a light always including a charger).

Pack the product thoroughly to avoid transport damage. Do not send cash on delivery – shipment will be rejected.

Send the product to our complaint department:

ATON s.r.o.
Sudice 60
675 73 Sudice
Czech Republic

Method of processing the claim

Upon receipt of the goods you have sent, you will be informed by e-mail or telephone about the repair and the estimated duration of the repair.

If the defect cannot be removed, the defective product will be replaced by a product without defects. If this replacement is not possible, the claim will be closed by issuing a credit note for the defective product.

In the event of a rejected claim, we will send you a written justification for the rejection.

In this case, you can use the paid service repair option, see Service.

The right to claim the warranty is governed by the Complaints procedure rules.

Pricelist of repairs

All warranty repairs are free of charge.

In the case of an unjustified complaint, the buyer may be charged for all costs associated with testing and repairing the product and any transport costs.

The hourly rate is set at CZK 400 (for foreign service EUR 18). To this is added the price of spare parts + transport costs and packing + VAT, see Service.

Final Provisions

For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact service@atonlight.com or call us at Contacts.

These Warranty Conditions and Complaints Procedure are valid from 1.11. 2019.