Aton Tech, Standard Battery-pack

Aton Tech, Standard Battery-pack

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Focus beam 12°
Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery pack 38 Wh

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High-performance diving light equipped with innovative Aton PRESS control system creates a concentrated beam of cool white light, less absorbed by water.

Primary diving light with greater freedom without corded battery, fully equipped with advanced features that provide you with all the comfort and safety in use.

  • Aton PRESS system works on the basis of evaluation of micro-deformations at the point of pressing and has no mechanical parts, which could be damaged or clogged with sand and mud
  • three power levels (20%, 50% and 100%) to adjust the light intensity according to your needs
  • allows you to constantly check the remaining battery capacity during the dive with three-color LED, so you can safely complete a night dive, or a dive in wreck or cave
  • for use outside the water, there is an intelligent thermal protection that reduces its performance to a safe level when the lamp surface temperature is exceeded
  • for extremely deep dives to max. depth -200m is equipped with 5mm thick borosilicate glass
  • the connections are equipped with wear-resistant trapezoidal threads
  • the housing of the high-quality aluminum alloy is protected by a hard anodised surface
  • spare o-rings and silicone grease for lubrication are in the package content
Our quality control

For your maximum satisfaction with our product, we check every single light that leaves our production. This includes a leak test in the pressure chamber so that the light can safely handle diving depths down to -200 meters. Confirmation of the test can be found in the enclosed instructions.

3 years warranty

Developed and manufactured in Czech Republic

Supplied with a protective cover for safe transport.


  • diving light Aton TECH
  • Li-ion charger 110 / 220V
  • silicone grease
  • operating instruction
  • set of spare O-rings
  • protective cover or optional Aton hard case

Optional accessories

Aton handle

Goodman style handle for reliable and comfortable attachment of the diving light to the hand.

  • designed for handheld lights with a diameter of 50-57 mm
  • recommended for Aton TECH handheld lights
  • easy to adjust without tools
  • comfortable regardless of hand size and type of gloves used
Aton hard case

Durable plastic case with PU foam padding for safe storage of diving light and accessories.

Contents of the package

During the dive

Technical specifications


Light output max. 4000 Lumen
Constant current output – maintains constant light output
LED Cree XHP-70.2 cool white LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Color temperature 6500°K
Focus beam 12°
Control by Aton PRESS system, power steps 20% / 50% / 100%
Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery pack 38 Wh
Overcharging and discharging battery protection, short circuit protection
Intelligent thermal control to avoid overheating
Battery status indication by color LED
Running time: 75 min. / 150 min. / 320 min. (100% / 50% / 20%)
Borosilicate glass th. 5mm
Dimensions: length 165 mm x dia 55 mm
Weight: 477 g (158 g under water)
Material: hard anodized high grade aluminum alloy
Max. depth underwater – 200 m.


Clamping strap for lights with a diameter of 50 – 57mm
Height of inner space adjustable between 8 – 48 mm
Inner space width 107 mm
Material Delrin, hard anodised high grade aluminium alloy
Weight including strap 120 g

Hard case

External dimensions 295 x 265 x 140 mm